Monthly Archives: November 2021

Teresa Malcolm

As a medical doctor, Terri is zealous in her belief the human(e) experience, a culturally compassionate and exceptional experience in clinical care, is achievable through meaningful and authentic relationships with others.
She partners with leaders and teams to foster an environment where everyone can thrive as they lead.

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Jeff Thoren

Jeff is a husband, father, cat parent, and avid road cyclist who values uniqueness, lightheartedness, and wholeness. He is currently one of only five veterinarians in the world who also hold a credential from the International Coaching Federation (PCC).

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Yes, and early access

SKILL LAB MASTER MIND & OPEN HEARTYes, and…  The mindset to succeedin an ever – changing environment.With Jeff Thoren and Teresa Malcolm. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said: “change is the only constant.” We say: “No kidding! Bring it on!”  In his book, Do Improvise, author Robert Poynton notes that “Improvisation is what life does. Nothing living, […]

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