"All of us in the Intao team are united by a passion for people and a desire for greater impact!

"All of us in the Intao team are united by a passion for people and a desire for greater impact!

"When given the opportunity
and empowered to shine,
people are simply amazing!"

We're shaping the
future of learning.

Today, the opportunity exists to re-invent how learning and development in organisations works. 
And we are on the case!

Technology and personal development - until now - had little to do with each other. But why should everything around us be able to develop rapidly thanks to digitalisation and not people themselves? Thanks to digital transformation learning can be more relevant, sustainable and personal. Designed for people.

We live New Work.

Productive, creative, inspiring work on common goals, this is how we see companies. And we want to help create such spaces for future work. We see ourselves as pioneers in this. As a virtual team, we work where we are - worldwide. Our rituals, routines and processes nevertheless ensure closeness, responsibility and .... success.

We design innovation.

Technology can do so much more – particularly in the learning and development sector. When faceless users become individuals, when it becomes an emotional experience, when it’s there when you want it, when it ultimately becomes a digital mentor. That’s Intao.

We are

Digitalisation is creating a new world. Nobody knows exactly where it will go. We are proud that we dare to experiment. We stay curious and open-minded and work best with people and companies who see the fast world we live in as an adventure. We see ourselves as learners among learners, our experiences drive our counterparts and their learning drives us.

We're shaping the
future of learning.

When you engage a company to develop your leaders, you trust that company with the hearts and minds of your future-shapers. It’s important that you can be sure of the quality of our work and that our values align with yours. So, here. This is us:

A fresh, digital approach to Leadership Development based on years of experience ‘in the field’! The Intao team and our partner network consists of seasoned executive coaches and trainers, organisational psychologists and leadership experts.

We really know what motivates people.

Co-creating the future we're all longing for.

We live in extraordinary times. Digitalisation shakes everything loose, meaning there's an opportunity to shape the future. We support human-centric organisations who want to empower their leaders and top talent to step into the process of co-creating a successful future.

What unites all of us is the drive for impact and making a real difference. The Leadership Journey is the result of decades of research, trial and error while exploring how we can have the biggest impact. We even built software because it helps us to create much more powerful results.

We're all here
to have an impact.

Our founders.

We work as partners with organisations who strive to be a 'great place to work' and
know that it’s their people who make them successful. 


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