Teresa Malcolm.

As a medical doctor, Terri is zealous in her belief the human(e) experience, a culturally compassionate and exceptional experience in clinical care, is achievable through meaningful and authentic relationships with others.
She partners with leaders and teams to foster an environment where everyone can thrive as they lead.

Terri is a wife and mother and a Peloton enthusiast.
She is the Founder and CEO of Master Physician Leaders, a coaching firm committed to cultivating inclusivity, compassion, and excellence throughout every chapter of one’s leadership story.

Following her passion for improv theatre, she has joined forces with Jeff Thoren to form 'Yes, And Productions'. Using Applied Improvisation, 'Yes, And Productions' is committed to helping leaders and teams be nimble so they lead with flexibility, confidence, and resilience.

For the Leadership Journey, together with her colleague Jeff, Terri facilitates the Skill Lab 'Yes, and. The mindset to succeed in an ever-changing environment'.

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