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Christina Grubendorfer

Christina is a psychologist, sought-after executive coach, author of numerous books and articles and a keynote speaker.

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Simon Deeley

Simon’s focus is using high-quality remote team-working to open up the path to more balanced and fulfilled lives.

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Kathrin Kroenig

Kathrin is all about putting people into the center of transformation She works to build bridges between the old world and the new world of work.

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Michaela Vogel

Mila supports leaders and multipliers in finding an authentic way of dealing with their own emotions and those of others. A way of dealing that makes genuine connections possible and creates the conditions for cultural change in companies.

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Gabriela Buchfink

Gabriela is shaping change as an Agile Program Manager in and has been working as a lecturer in self-leadership and -management for over 15 years.
Her mission: To create spaces where people find their potential and live their contribution to the world.

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Alain van Gils

Alain van Gils is executive-coach and change facilitator. He works with companies who authentically aim to create cultures of collaboration. His particular love is the lean culture.

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Jeff Thoren

Jeff is a husband, father, cat parent, and avid road cyclist who values uniqueness, lightheartedness, and wholeness. He is currently one of only five veterinarians in the world who also hold a credential from the International Coaching Federation (PCC).

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Teresa Malcolm

As a medical doctor, Terri is zealous in her belief the human(e) experience, a culturally compassionate and exceptional experience in clinical care, is achievable through meaningful and authentic relationships with others.
She partners with leaders and teams to foster an environment where everyone can thrive as they lead.

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Laura Gaida

Laura is a business psychologist, mother of twins and the founder of MENTAL HEALTH & HAPPINESS. Together with her team, she has made it her mission to make the digital world of work healthier and happier.

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Richard Schneider

Richard is a speech teacher and lawyer and has been working with people in companies for around 25 years to develop their collaborative partnership.

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Martin Pröstler

Martin Pröstler, psychoanalyst (DGPT) and group teaching analyst (D3G), supervisor and coach. Established as a psychotherapist, supervisor and organisational consultant in his own practice. Founding partner of OrgWerk. Specialist areas in consultancy work: (self-)leadership in an agile context, group processes, team development.

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Kira Wüsten

Kira is a passionate leader balancing humanity and economic efficiency. Her solution driven approach, her committed nature and her persistence to get the best out of others makes her a valued business partner and coach.

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Katja Hennecke

Katja has significant broad and deep international leadership experience with a particular strength in Organizational Development. She is convinced of the self-responsibility and genuine co-creation and is an enthusiastic sparring partner and reflection mirror for her clients.

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Ruth Maier-Hamberger

My name is Ruth Maier-Hamberger. I am co-founder of YOS. YOS is an acronym, standing for “Your Own Strength” – and at the same time means well-being, health, happiness. This is my passion: To accompany people on their way, to find their own strength, exploit their potential, shape their lives and careers.

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Petra Ruda

Petra Ruda, organisational consultant, team developer and coach. Founding partner of OrgWerk. Focus in consulting work: Agile organisational and team development, leadership culture.

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