Richard Schneider.

My name is Richard Schneider and in my original profession I am a trained speech educator and studied law.

Both worlds were very different in training: speaking on the one hand, reading & writing on the other.
In life, however, they complement each other very well, as the conceptual overview and the very practical implementation then go hand in hand.

In my work, I am always fascinated by the search for the common denominator of seemingly divisive things, in personal experience and in communication.

The idea of working together in partnership has accompanied me since I started in the world of training and coaching in 1997, during my three years in the corporate world and in the many years of independent work in networks since then.

And it is the starting point for my stage work in improvisational theatre, which has fascinated me since the mid-90s and is, in a way, my magic potion.

I am curious about people: What motivates or annoys us, what scares us, inspires us and drives us?

I enjoy looking behind the scenes with my participants and clients to discover possibilities for their own effectiveness and for working together. So that meaningful solutions become visible on the personal stage and on the corporate stage.

Even after many years of counseling work, I enjoy the newness and the lively differences in my work with people.

For the Leadership Journey Richard has designed the lab 'Crucial Conversations'.

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