Simone Muendel.

I am Simone Muendel, and I like us humans. For over 11 years, I've had the privilege of partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations as a Positive Leadership and Collaboration coach, guiding them on their unique paths to success, true connection and more fulfillment.

My special passion are people in leadership and the science of what makes life worth living aka positive psychology. I believe that modern leadership requires the right attitude, a deep understanding of the human side and a love for people. I treasure all that defines our humanity — the beauty of our minds, the depths of our hearts, and even the inevitable stumbling blocks along the way. My true passion: Connecting people - with themselves, with others, in the team and in the company. Because true connection brings out the best in us humans.

My approach is rooted in a wealth of 20 years' professional and leadership know-how in strategy and communications, including my role as the Vice President/Strategy & Planning Coach at an international communications consultancy. Holding a master's degree in international business (MIB/University of Sydney) I am also a certified systemic coach and Positive Psychology Professional.

Together, let's explore the power of positive psychology and positive intelligence, tap into your potential, and embrace the richness of human experiences that shape a truly fulfilling life.

I believe that positive psychology has the power to make our lives richer, easier and more fulfilling not only in our professional lives but also in our personal lives.

For the Leadership Journey Karen has designed the Labs 'Stop your inner saboteurs', 'Mental Fitness & Mindfulness' and 'Harness your inner sage'.

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