Ruth Maier-Hamberger.

My name is Ruth Maier-Hamberger. I am co-founder of YOS. YOS is an acronym, standing for "Your Own Strength" – and at the same time means well-being, health, happiness. This is my passion: To accompany people on their way, to find their own strength, exploit their potential, shape their lives and careers.

As a partner in dolphinblue, I work with leaders in companies to drive their personal as well as organizational development topics.

In my own time as a manager in a large corporation, I learned two important things: First, that much of what happens in my life starts in my head. And that my head has often taken the helm and steered me – and not the other way around. 18 years ago, I set out to look for approaches that would allow me to calm my thoughts and get more serenity, energy and joy: The beginning of my mindfulness and meditation journey.

In the meantime, I am a systemic coach, mental trainer and meditation teacher. Mindfulness exercises as well as meditation exercises have become an important part of my work with coaching clients, in talent programs, leadership development programs or team workshops.

In this context, I often hear things like "I can't switch off" or "My head is buzzing". It is amazing to observe what happens when participants then get involved in practicing mindfulness or exploring meditation. They feel the impact of calming the monkey mind and being in the here and now. This has benefits beyond savouring the resulting calmness: The distance to one's own thoughts allows us to observe and see them clearly, which can indeed be quite insightful. The presence in the moment deepens the perception of situations (also in conversation with others), allowing for a completely new quality. All important ingredients to get into one’s own strength and increase one’s effectiveness.

For the Leadership Journey Ruth has designed the lab 'Mindfulness'.

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