Ruth Maier-Hamberger.

My name is Ruth Maier-Hamberger, and my passion is to inspire development and conscious creating. Why creating? During my time as a manager in a large corporation, I gained two crucial insights: My thoughts shape my reality. Often, my mind took control – but not always to my advantage. And I realized that even the best intentions can become obstacles when it comes to leading effectively and creating a meaningful collaboration within a team. This too begins with our own thinking.

So I began to question how I create my reality - and to consciously shape my own thoughts. This realization marked a turning point in my life and drove me to delve deeply into personal development and leadership.

I am deeply convinced that good leadership goes far beyond mere tools and techniques. It is rooted in reflection, acceptance, and self-leadership. Only when our inner world is clear can we effectively impact the outer world. I appreciate the diversity of our humanity – the depth of our thoughts, the warmth of our hearts, and even the internal and external challenges that we encounter along the way. Whether as individuals or as a team, we always have the opportunity to grow beyond ourselves and into our mission.

Each of us bears responsibility for the reality we create through our attitudes and actions – even through those actions we refrain from. My aim is to foster loving and powerful relationships, with oneself as well as with others. So that we can consciously create the world of tomorrow.

In over 20 years in the industry, I have gathered extensive business experience as a consultant, expert, project leader, and executive in an international environment. With a dual MBA degree and certifications as a systemic coach, mental trainer, meditation teacher, and Positive Intelligence Professional, I have been dedicated to training and coaching in the field of leadership development since 2019.

For the Leadership Journey Ruth has designed the lab 'Mindfulness'.

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