Katja Hennecke.

Katja is an entrepreneur, business coach and leadership consultant with focus on Organizational Development (OD) subjects (cultural change, agile leadership, team effectiveness and digital transformation projects). She brings in almost 15 years of practical leadership and business experience from corporate environments in Germany and France.

As „Facilitator, Designer and Implementer“ she works as a sparring partner and business coach to generate impactful business solutions in complex and dynamic environments. Her client focus is on mid-size companies across Germany and Europe.

Katja's professional goal is to envision and enable organizations to empower and engage people talent and potential.

Since 2010 Katja is one of five Managing Partners of Orgwerk, an OD Consulting company and in 2017 she co-founded abaja. SpotConsulting.

Katja holds degrees in Business Administration and Psychology. She is a certified Systemic OD consultant, facilitator and coach and deepens her knowledge by practical expertise, ongoing learning and supervision. She is very open and optimistic minded and loves to explore and experiment.

For the Leadership Journey, Katja has designed the sprint 'Co-Creative Leadership' and together with Kira she has designed the lab 'From feedback to feedforward'.

Kira and Katja got to know each other in a business project 15 years ago. In 2017 they founded abaja, a company which focuses on SpotConsulting and online-Coaching for entrepreneurs and executives.

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