Nicole Scober.

Nicole lives and works in Munich. She studied art, education and art therapy in Munich and Dresden. In the process, she experienced again and again how amazing and at the same time inspiring changes of perspective can be. Later, through her systemic coaching training, she became involved with systems and attitudes. Systemic thinking and creative possibilities come together in the Design Thinking method, which Nicole specialises in.

Nicole has been developing and leading projects and workshops for companies for 19 years, always with a focus on finding new approaches to solutions for organisational and team development.

The focus is on promoting and shaping the cultural change of organisations through co-creation and innovative collaboration.

With Design Thinking, the start of the transformation journey is achieved by seeing and involving all actors with their different needs. The central concern is to think outside the box and create new design opportunities through practical experience, interactive and creative methods.

Nicole is a Design Thinking Coach and has experience in agile methods, vision work and in the development of communication strategies, New Work and Future Workspaces. She works as a coach for teams and in the field of individual and professional development.

For the Leadership Journey Nicole has designed the lab 'Design Thinking'.

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