Petra Ruda.

I'm Petra Ruda, organisational consultant, team developer and coach.
My professional passion is to accompany organisations and teams in uncertain times, during changes and planned realignments, so that they can find good and meaningful ways and helpful solutions for themselves. For this, people need suitable spaces where they can meet and exchange.

In my role as a consultant, it is important for me to facilitate and set up these spaces. I design spaces in which shared experience takes place, in which solutions to problems can be worked out in a pragmatic and practice-relevant way and in which mindful cooperation allows new things to emerge.

From my experience in different organisations, I know how important good communication is in order to create psychological security for the staff on the one hand and to be able to make goal and result oriented decisions on the other. This requires the right "stages". And just like on real stages in the theatre or opera, many things can be planned and many things can't. People have to adapt quickly to new situations in order to be able to act accordingly.

For the Leadership Journey Petra has designed the lab 'Effective Meetings'.

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