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The Leadership Journey is self-directed learning – you are at the wheel and decide which events, format, topics in our calendar are worth your time. We've built a journey that's engaging and insightful.
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Here are the answers.

Tell me more about the Discovery Sprint

The Discovery Sprint is your first step within the Leadership Journey.
It creates the right mindset, allows you gain clarity on your goals and guides you to conduct your very own learning-needs-analysis.
The topics of the workshops are:

  • Kick-off, inner stance & alignment
  • Self-Leadership
  • Having an impact
  • Collaboration & Leadership
  • Plan & Commitment

What model is all this based on?

The basis for our journey is the Leadership Compass. This is a development model that covers all the important learning areas of modern leadership. It is not intended as a psychometric test, but as a reflection and analysis tool for learners.

What is the Intao-definition of leadership?

We no longer think it is appropriate to define leadership mainly as a formal role. For us, leadership is about 'wanting to have an impact'. Leadership can certainly happen unconsciously - in fact, whenever you try to influence something - but leadership is never without intent or direction. For us, leadership means taking responsibility for shaping things. That means, leadership concerns us all.

Are sprints the only format?

No, they are not. We currently have a few different formats available:

Sprints. For personal development topics that require extensive reflexion and introspection.

Skill-Labs. Shorter and more to the point. For knowledge and skills.

Monthly Focus. A call on the last Friday of the month to create clarity on the priorities for the following month.

Peer-Coaching. A call on the second Wednesday of the month where you can work on individual challenges with one of your peers in a facilitated process.

How exactly does a sprint work?

Sprints last 28 days and focus on one specific aspect. They are our standard format for personal development topics that require reflexion. Sprints consist of short, interactive workshops, exchanges in the digital community, and daily impulses from the digital mentor.

The sprints are designed by and with our expert partners with the thought, "How can we design the 28 days to have the greatest possible impact?" It's not about lecturing on high-level input, but about how to integrate the new, self-generated insights into one's own sensibilities and behavior in a sustainable way. So that by the end of the sprint they have become part of your personality.

The sprints include 4-6 hours of live workshop time spread over the four weeks. You should also plan 10 minutes each day to work on the Spark. In total, you will spend 11-13 hours on the topic. Don't get scared: everyone has 10 minutes a day! In the morning with your coffee, in the short break in between or after dinner... You can set the time in the app when you want to receive your reminder. Easy!

What is a Skill Lab and how does it work?

Skill Labs last two weeks and are designed to teach you – the name gives it away – a specific skill. They are less about open reflexion and more about honing practical skills.

A Skill Lab starts with an introductory video which you will watch before the  3-4 hour-long kick-off-workshop. The workshop itself is all about practical training. In the two weeks after that you'll apply your newly acquired skill guided by daily sparks. We round up the experience with a closing Q&A session.

What happens if I can't be at every workshop?

Not a problem! We always make all content that is taught available as a video or another format. What you will miss, is of course, the inspiring exchange with the other participants, but you can still stay tuned and continue.

How many participants are usually in a sprint or skill-lab?

There is no cap on the group size. Currently, there are about 10-25 people in the call, but that might increase as we grow. All formats are designed with a focus on dialogue in so-called 'Breakout rooms'. That way, the learning experience feels personal no matter how many people are on the call. You will always have the opportunity to meet the other participants and intensively work on the subject. 

What topics can I learn about?

All sprints, skill-labs and monthly calls you can register for are listed on https://intao.io/kalender. We are starting our first English group at the end of the year - our English calendar will be available in Q4 this year. 

What is the Intao app?

The Intao-app or the 'Digital Mentor' as we call it, is the learning tool we've developed specifically for the requirements of personal development. It supports you every day to make learning more sustainable. It accompanies all other learning formats. More about it here

What about data privacy?

We deeply care about that. We only collect very few personalised data (Your name and email) and create no individual reports whatsoever. In order to improve our app, we do analyse user data but only anonymised and collated. For more information, read more here

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