Impact Call

Monthly Focus
For clear priorities.

Monthly Call with Kathrin Kroenig

Very few aspects of leadership are urgent. But they are important. To find room for the important but not urgent things in a busy daily routine requires clarity of priorities and conscious planning.

To give leadership and your continuous development room, we offer a focus call every last Friday of the month from 12:30-01:20 p.m.

In a facilitated process, you plan the month ahead of you.

About Kathrin

Kathrin is an organisational psychologist and co-founder of Intao. Her entire career - be it as employee in HR Development, as coach or now as entrepreneur - has been about people as the key factor of company success. She is building bridges between the old and the new world of work. Her core areas of expertise are leadership, change and the future of learning.

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Monthly Call: Every last Friday of the month|12:30 p.m.|in English

Monthly Call

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Every last Friday of the month|12:30-13:20 p.m.

Kathrin Kroenig