We are delighted!


You didn't hear it, but bells and whistles went off here when you clicked that ‘yes’-button…

We are very happy that you want to take us up on our offer.

Here is what’s going to happen:
We are just about to finalise the ‘approved supplier’ process and the extension will be available for booking via the intranet soon.
What you can do ahead of time is to inform your line manager that you would like to continue because you will still need his or her approval.
And just to make the conversation go a bit easier, HERE is an overview of what's included in the membership... continuous learning for less than a cup of coffee a day...who could say no to that?!

We will make sure you have continued access to Intao until we have figured out the formalities. Let's get this done together until mid November!

Thank you for traveling with us! 🙂