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The Leadership Journey we want to start with you at Digital Commerce is a combination of organisational learning and personal development. The aim is to create a learning experience that will allow all of us together to continue to build a thriving organisation. 


Everything about our Journey in detail.

Tell me more about the Discovery 

We don't think about the Leadership Journey as 'Learning'. Learning makes us think of school, as something that you have to be disciplined to do... The Leadership Journey is simply an environment that provides support for you to reach your goals. The clearer your goals (be it as a leader, a professional or just as a person), the higher your focus and motivation. 

The Discovery Period exists to link you to your goals and the development needs you identify for yourself in that context. In the case of your organisation it  is three months long with four workshops (one in-person and three online).

The following aspects will be covered:

  • Workshop 1: The Kick-off
    Leadership is as much about who you are being as what you are doing. That's why in this first workshop we will focus on you, your purpose, mindset, emotions, ... your self-leadership
  • Workshop 2: Leadership
    As someone with a leadership role in the organisation, your task is to shape your part of the organisation to work smoothly – not just to create good results but also in the context of great collaboration. In workshop 2 we will help you set your goals for your area of influence.
  • Workshop 3: We as a leadership team
    Those with formal leadership roles have great influence in the organisation. In workshop 3 you come together as the group of people leading the organisation to discuss what it is you want to see come true.
  • Workshop 4: What's next
    The last workshop is all about planning & commitment. You will plan your actions and your learning for the next few months. On a personal as well as organisational level.

What happens after the Discovery?

After the Discovery you continue to work on your goals as well as your development. 

When it comes to your goals, we support you through the following formats:

  • Peer-Coaching: Once a month, you have the opportunity to discuss your challenges in a sparring with a peer. We facilitate the call and provide you with a coaching framework that makes sure the conversation is solution-focused and useful.
  • Monthly focus: At the end of the month, we facilitate a call that gives you the space to plan your priorities for the next month. Leadership goals are often important but not urgent and tend to fall prey to those operational tasks that are much more pressing. By making the priorities clearer, you raise the likelihood that you will make time for them.
  • Female Leaders Call: We host a call for a community of female leaders. The call centers on your impact goals, the community provides focus, confidence and network to make sure you are successful.

When it comes to your development, you have access to the events in the calendar. We have two different formats: shorter Labs and longer sprints. We offer topics in German and in English. The topics cover all the areas of the Leadership Compass. (The Leadership Compass is the tool you will have used to identify your areas of development so it will be easy to match the topics to your needs.)

What is the definition of leadership?

Our definition of leadership is broader than it used to be. We don't limit it to formal roles – there are plenty of people in organisations who show up as leaders without a formal title. For us, leadership is about 'wanting to have an impact'. Leadership can certainly happen unconsciously - in fact, whenever you try to influence something - but leadership is never without intent or direction. For us, leadership means taking responsibility for shaping your environment.

What model is all this based on?

The basis for our journey is the Leadership Compass. This is a development model that covers all the important learning areas of modern leadership. It is not a psychometric test that measures your abilities, instead it is a reflective, analytical tool that supports the self-assessment. 

How exactly does a Sprint work?

A Sprint lasts four weeks. In a group of 20 people max, you work on the topic in focus. They consist of short workshops, daily impulses via the Intao app and social learning via the digital community.  

The sprints are designed by and with our expert partners with the thought, "How can we design the 28 days to have the greatest possible impact?" It's not about lecturing on high-level input, but about how to integrate the new, self-generated insights into one's own sensibilities and behavior in a sustainable way. So that by the end of the sprint you will have really integrated the learning.

What is a Lab and how does it work?

Labs are the shorter format in our calendar. They only last two weeks. They consist of one longer workshop and a Q&A session at the end. 

A Lab starts with an introductory video which you will watch before the  3 hour-long workshop. This way we don't use the time in the workshop to teach but can spend the valuable time together in interactive exercises and discussions. The workshop is followed by 10 sparks and a Q&A session after two weeks. 

What is the difference between a Lab and a Sprint?

The two formats differ in length, number of participants, number of sparks and workshops. Sprints are more intense and need more commitment and will create deeper learning, while Labs are thought of as an impulse around a topic.

  • Length: A Lab lasts two weeks, a Sprint four.
  • Number of participants: In the Sprints, there is a maximum number of participants. In Sprints, we use the digital community to encourage exchange and dialogue - participants get to know each other and support each others' learning. There is no maximum number of participants - the focus is on the individual.
  • Number of workshops: A sprint has four workshops and we encourage participants to commit to attending them all, while a Lab has one workshop and a Q&A session. The Q&A session is optional.

What happens if I can't be at every workshop?

In a Lab, the center piece is the longer workshop, while the Q&A session is optional. Since the workshop is 'where it all happens', you have to attend in order to be able to do the sparks and come to the Q&A. We don't provide the content digitally.

A Sprint has four workshops, so we know it can happen that you miss one. For the Sprints, we provide the content of the workshop in the community afterwards so you can follow up. You must, however attend the first workshop since there the group comes together and the learning tandems are assigned. 

What topics can I learn about?

All sprints, skill-labs and monthly calls you can register for are listed on https://intao.io/en/calendar. From May on, we'll add English monthly calls.

What is the Intao app?

The Intao-app or the 'Digital Mentor' as we call it, is the learning tool we've developed specifically for the requirements of personal development. It supports you every day to make learning more sustainable. It accompanies all other learning formats. More about it here

What about data privacy?

We deeply care about that. We only collect very few personalised data (Your name and email) and create no individual reports whatsoever. In order to improve our app, we do analyse user data but only anonymised and collated. For more information, read more here

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