Inspiring transformation

Intao is an innovative app designed by coaches and facilitators for soft skills, growth, and the evolving workplace.

Our virtual coach assists everyone to tap into their potential every day!

Soft skills for all. All the time.

Your people are your greatest asset, your growth depends on theirs. Imagine everyone communicating better, thinking better, leading better. Continuous learning and development for all, makes all the difference.

Soft skills trainings, change, culture and transformation initiatives are all great, but without ongoing support…

Three months later 80% is forgotten, less than 10% is applied and the results are disappointing for everyone.

Learning is a process, not a one-time event, and it’s as many processes as you have employees. Support them all.

All your people matter!

Make all the difference.

Intao is coaching scaled up

Just as effective and far more affordable, Intao is designed to fill both the post-training void and the empty space where no trainings currently exist with continuous development support.

Intao assists in the integration and application of professional and personal soft skills with ‘one learning a day’ to nudge and continually motivate.

Intao’s virtual coach is also perfectly suited to engage all employees in the ongoing dialogues necessary for successful culture, change and transformation initiatives.

From one-off trainings and events to ongoing learning processes.

One app for personal, professional and organisational growth.

High adoption and engagement to improve learning culture.

A sustainable solution for sustainable results and clear ROI.

Continuous development for every one of your employees.

You already have a learning culture

Good or bad, whether you like it or not, your learning culture already exists. As your company continually evolves, extend an invitation for your people to continually evolve too. Intao helps you quickly improve your learning culture. Here’s how:

Soft skills for all

Virtual coaching with ‘one learning a day’ for continuous development.

No trainings or workshops required. Just subscribe.

Trainings, but better

Tailormade and ready-to-go soft skills programmes.

Expert design and delivery with sustainable results using the app.

Initiatives platform

Transformation, change and culture. The app serves as the constant thread.

We deliver whole projects or simply assist.


Intao is also a software as a service (SaaS) solution.

Easily create your own courses and initiatives with our full support.

Soft skills. Hard Results.

Real learning cultures.

Personal learning conversations

The best learning still happens in conversations. Conversations provide the all-important context and motivation to explore different ideas and perspectives.

Intao uses an informal and enjoyable, conversational, coaching approach. This allows you to choose your own learning path. Embedded articles, videos and exercises are specific to that path, and friendly nudges help you stay on it.

Push (and pull) your learning to new heights.

One learning a day

2 – 10 minutes, that’s it! One day it’s an article and an exercise. The next, a hint, tip, or hack. The day after that, a video, podcast, coaching question or reflection.

Choose your own topics

It’s not only company-centric learning, it’s also your own. What interests you? How do you want to develop? Where do you want to grow? Choose that topic!

Pick your own path

Each conversation lets you choose your learning direction. That’s how coaching works. You decide because you understand best what you really need to learn.

Personal transformation

Intao helps you explore different perspectives and supports you in transforming the behaviours you want to shift. Not easy, but very rewarding.

We make learning stick!

A training or kick-off event creates great energy and good intentions. But unless there’s ongoing support, to integrate learning and engage participants, motivation nosedives very quickly.

And no! Email campaigns and Wikis don’t engage. One-size-fits-all e-learning isn’t designed for soft skills development.

This kind of personal learning goes beyond the rational and logical.

This kind of learning is a journey and requires ongoing support to inspire curiosity and create awareness. A shift in attitude and mindset comes from new perspectives and inner realisations.

Suddenly something clicks! That’s what makes the learning stick and, which in turn, leads to successful transformation.

That’s know how people really learn and grow, and that’s what results in, well… sustainable results.

Are you a trainer, a coach or a company of trainers and coaches?

There’s software for our industry, sure, but nothing that truly engages. Intao fills the post-training void, maintains the energy created in workshops, assists in the application of learning and importantly, supports all those employees who’ve never before had the opportunity to experience quality training.

“Learning is not the filling of a pot, but the lighting of a fire.”

– W.B. Yeats
(although Socrates said it first.)

In your workshops and coaching, you start a conversation, now you can continue that conversation and even have the ability to engage a much wider audience.

Stand out

Differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s time to embrace digital.

Get more revenue

Create digital-only versions of courses for all your clients’ employees.

We're here to help

With the software, marketing and a content conversion service.

Win more business

With sustainable results for participants, clients get a much better ROI.

App & Software

Browser-based to easily create your own virtual coaching conversations.

You ignited a spark...

now fan the flame!

We are Intao

We practice what we teach.

We’re passionate about learning and development and just about everything we do. We share a vision to assist everyone unleash their inner wisdom and love to delight and amaze each other as well as our customers.

Everyone deserves the necessary motivation, support and reminders to continuously learn and truly ‘show up’. Just as each of us aims to do, every day!