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As a people-centric and energised CEO or HR Director, you are the catalyst for raising the frequency and performance of your leaders. However...

  • Is the acquisition of critical skills within your organisation a challenge?
  • Are you looking for more effective ways of engaging your leaders and delivering learning?
  • Do you want to provide a more powerful method for personal growth and professional impact?
  • Are you imagining what the future of talent and leadership development needs to look like to support the success of your business?

We use a 'coaching approach' to explore how, ultimately, you can connect the dots. We will ask questions, listen carefully and assist you by looking to understand your specific needs, aims and vision.

Dan or Alain (your choice) will work with you on this 30-minute call to share suggestions to accelerate your thinking and results. They'll explore your current goals and strategies to help you gain more clarity, and provide possible solutions and a path that helps you and your leaders move forward. Confidently. Into the future.

Daniel Fenwick

Dan is an experienced advisor for senior leadership teams. His visionary, strategic and passionate approach to both people and learning helps organisations to explore new ways of working, improve the performance of their leaders and teams to achieve better results.

Dan is fascinated and focused on strategies for talent attraction and acquisition.

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Alain van Gils

Alain is an executive-coach and trainer of 20 years. As a learning designer he works with companies to create cultures of leadership and learning. He is passionate for creating collaborative environments able to weather uncertainty and change, and thrive in transformation. 

Alain is always astounded by the results that even small shifts in mindset and attitude can immediately bring.

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