Inner Leadership: Clear, powerful, consistent.
Practice what's important to you.
Every day, in every situation.

Sprint with Gabriela Buchfink.

No matter in which company, no matter in which position - we are usually confronted in everyday life with a huge number of tasks that only partly correspond to what we actually think is important. And unfortunately, many people are still used to fulfilling predefined goals instead of being asked what they could and wanted to do. Yet it is well known that this is exactly how peak performance is created, from which everyone benefits - the companies, the people, the world.

In this sprint we follow the path of great leaders: they have clarity about their contribution to the world, they draw great strength from it and achieve success by acting consistently.

How to strengthen your inner compass is what this sprint is about.

  • 28 days to get into shaping with more clarity
  • Four interactive workshops with self-leadership expert Gabriela
  • A short daily impulse via the Intao App
  • Exchange of experiences and contact with Gabriela via the digital community

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Your Benefit


  • You know what is really important to you and what you want to contribute to this world at this point in your life. (Whether you call it Ikigai, meaning, purpose, intention is almost irrelevant).
  • You understand where your intention comes from, what it means and can communicate it convincingly to others.
  • You have also sorted out goals that only serve to compensate for negative experiences from the past, e.g. doing more and more to be loved.


  • Knowing what is really important to you gives you great strength. It is the ultimate intrinsic motivation.
  • You have an impression of how I feel when I am completely with me and myself.
  • You know how to bring yourself back into balance and onto your path even in difficult circumstances.


  • You know how to bring your intention into your current life environment and how you experience it every day.
  • You feel what is not yet right and what you would like to change.
  • You develop a feeling and the courage to act in the sense of your intention in favourable moments (Chairos principle).

The Topics

  • Assessment with the Personality Canvas
  • Awareness exercise: Be completely myself.
  • Feeling, concretising and talking about one's own intention.
  • Establish the connection to the world: What does this mean now for my work, private environments, personally?
  • Calibrate the inner compass: What are my values and principles (rational); difference between affect-driven action (I want to/don't want to) and intention.
  • Get into action: How do I get myself more involved?
  • How do I recognise favourable opportunities and have the courage to act? (LORRAX, the flow principle, using synchronicity).
  • Expecting obstacles and dealing with them (WOOP - the psychology of success)

The Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Pausing and aligning: Where do I stand, what is really important to me, talk about my intention (learn). Translate the intention into at least one environment. What does this mean in concrete terms, what will I do differently tomorrow?
  • Workshop 2: Effective values: Which values shape my actions and where do they come from? Which ones bring me forward and which ones stand in my way? Aligning values and goals.
  • Workshop 3: Experiences - Successes - Hurdles: A storytelling call for more inspiration and strength.
  • Workshop 4: Questions and Answers: What has changed in the last month? What questions have arisen? And: The best tips for staying on track!

About Gabriela

Gabriela is shaping change as an Agile Program Manager and has been working as a lecturer in self-leadership and management for over 15 years. Her mission: To create spaces where people find their potential and live their contribution to the world. For all those who combine inner change and outer change and have the desire to help shape a future world. To this end, she has developed the Personality Canvas as the basic method for her coaching and training.

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  • 1. Workshop Kick-off: My Intention
  • 2. Workshop: Effective values
  • 3. Workshop: Experiences, successes, hurdles: A Storytelling Call
  • 4. Workshop: Follow-up

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