Why Your Training Business Needs a Digital Learning Solution

Offering digital learning solutions as a training business brings you multiple benefits – which all boil down to two things: Getting a lead on your competitors and provide long-term customer satisfaction. How is that, you ask?

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Benefits of offering digital learning solutions as a training business 

Having digital tools in your portfolio makes you look good

First of all, offering digital solutions shows of course how innovative you are and that it is important for you to stay on top of the changes and trends in L&D.

It also shows that you are aware of your clients’ needs. For example, 74% of employees want to learn during spare time at work. If you can offer a digital tool, which enables participants to continue learning after an in-person training, in smaller time increments, and in the workplace? And thus addressing the need of your clients – isn’t that something they would love?

And on top, you have more options to offer and a bigger portfolio! This will not only look good to new clients but also shows your existing clients that you constantly thrive to get better results for them.

Additionally, you could use digital tools to include in your in-person trainings. For example, you could have a tool for live surveys or other little gimmicks which boost participation and engage participants. Having even more positive reports from participants of your trainings can’t hurt either, right?

Better ROI for your clients means a better ROI for you

By increasing the output of your trainings for your clients, you increase customer satisfaction and get a higher chance to be recommended. So, how can a digital tool increase the ROI of your trainings for your clients in order to do that?

Imagine a leadership training for young professionals. For them to develop their potentials as leaders, it is important to get continuous training opportunities, but what if the budget is too restricted to do that? If you have a digital tool in your portfolio, you can still offer a suitable solution for your client. For example one, which covers a longer period of time by alternating in-person trainings and digital learning opportunities. Your clients will thus have a full-service longterm project with a budget they can afford. Which is obviously a good selling point. And now it gets even better: These trainings will be much more effective in the long run, because they are continuous and adapted to the way people truly learn and grow. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction! They are more likely to hire your training business in the future and to recommend you to others.

So a better ROI for your clients means a higher ROI for you!

Tap into the budget for digital trainings

Another aspect, why it’s worth going digital: There is more and more budget for digital learning solutions! The 2019 LinkedIn Workplace report found that, since 2017, 59% of talent developers say they spend more money on online learning and 39% spend less on instructor-led training. So by offering an option for digital learning solutions, you tap into the budget for e-learning and online learning. This makes it easier for talent developers and HR to hire you and gives you an advantage over your competitors.

New chances for advertising, marketing, and sales

Last but not least, you can use offering digital learning solutions for your own advertising and marketing! Remember that number of 74% of employees, who want to learn during spare time at work? You can use that number to convince your clients, that your strategy of combining online and offline is far more effective than what only offline training providers can do. And there are many more facts like that. For example, getting employees to make time for learning is the number one challenge for talent development, or that most employees want to learn in small increments of under 45 minutes.

So use the advantage of being able to offer new training solutions for your marketing and sales campaigns! By combining your existing portfolio and expertise with digital tools you can offer more variation. And you can address the pressing needs your clients face to facilitate and support the learning and development of their employees. Sounds good? Should sound even better to your clients, right?!

To sum this up, digital learning solutions will help you retain and improve customer satisfaction and give you an advantage against your competitors by:

  • being able to offer broader training solutions
  • increasing your clients’ ROI, thus increasing their customer retention
  • and by presenting new opportunities for marketing, advertising, customer recommendations, and sales.

A digital tool has to represent what your training business stands for

To make sure the learning solutions you offer your clients bring you all those benefits, it needs absolutely look professional and representative of your company values! (That’s why we also recommend not building a tool on your own, it’s just so much effort to get something worthwhile.) After all, this is supposed to show your customers how innovative you are and that you have something highly valuable to offer.

Our expert tip on what to consider when choosing a digital learning solution: Use a digital tool that offers an option to brand the tool with your own logo and name.

Here is an example of what that could look like in our mobile app.

Brand the Intao app with your company name and logo.

Offering a digital learning solution is a powerful option to increase customer retention, attract new clients, and convince them, why you offer the best training solution for their needs.

Contact us for further questions and get a demo for a digital learning solution that offers all this and get your demo today.

Flurina Doser

Flurina Doser

Flurina is an organisational psychologist and mediator. She is a true digital native who is thrilled that at Intao she can combine her interest in digital technology with her passion for people and development, which led her to become a psychologist in the first place.

Flurina Doser