Own Your Time.  
Discover the secrets of effective time management.

Does this sound familiar: You have so many topics on your agenda that you don’t know where to turn first? You work long hours and the to-do list still seems to grow longer? You are looking for ways to boost your productivity to keep your working hours in check?

In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, effective time management is no longer just a skill — it's a critical leadership tool. As a leader, your ability to manage time effectively directly impacts your team's performance, organizational success, and your own productivity, and personal well-being. Time management isn't just about ticking off tasks on a to-do list—it's about making strategic decisions, prioritizing effectively, and maximizing productivity in every aspect of your role.

Join us for our "Own Your Time" training and unlock the secrets to mastering time management like a true leader.

Your Benefit

  • Understand the relevance of time management for leaders
  • You discover what stops you from unleashing your productivity, enabling you to reclaim control over your schedule
  • Explore the secret power of a vision and explicit goals for coherent time management
  • You know how to apply key prioritization strategies to identify and focus on high-value tasks that drive success
  • Discover practical techniques and hacks to maintain focus and boost your productivity
  • You equip yourself with strategies to combat time-wasting activities

The Content

  • Foundations of Time Management: Relevance of time management for leaders
  • Identification of individual time thieves and patterns
  • The fundamental role of vision, mission, and objectives for effective time management
  • Prioritization Strategies: Identification of high-value tasks
  • Maintaining Focus: Introduction to practical techniques to maintain focus and productivity amidst distractions
  • Introduction to selected ideas on how to combat time wasters

The Process

Labs run over two weeks.
The preparation video is followed by a three-hour workshop where we interactively practice the core aspects. Afterwards, you will receive Sparks over two weeks to integrate what you have learned. At the end, you have the opportunity to reflect on your experience and clarify any final questions in a Follow-up session.

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Start Lab: June 20, 2024|06:00 am CEST|in English


  • Workshop:
    June 20, 2024 | 11:00 am - 02:00 pm CEST
  • Follow-up: 
    July 4, 2024 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CEST

Jennifer Gajdiç