individual development.

For leaders
and talents.

From single trainings
to continuous development.  

Self-directed. Personal. Sustainable. As subscription.

This is taking leadership development to the next level: We are replacing sporadic seminars with a subscription that allows participants to work on relevant learning objectives using the perfect mix of digital and personal components.

Step 1: 
The Discovery Sprint.  

Self-analysis and development plan.

Only when you know where exactly you are at, can you make a plan to reach your goals. So, the first step of the Leadership Journey is to become conscious of personal goals, priorities, strengths and areas of development. 

The Topic Sprints.  

28 days to work on specific learning objectives

Self-directed learning is based on learners taking responsibility to work on the aspects and goals relevant to them. So after the Discovery Sprint, participants choose their next steps or in this case sprints.  
Over four weeks, experts support participants to work on one specific area. Part of the experience are 4-hours of live-workshops, impulses via the app and social learning in the community.

We are currently working on the following topics:

Growth Mindset

Mindfulness & resilience

Dealing with emotions

Solution-focused thinking

Staying focused

Being a good listener

Leading different types

Leader as coach

From feedback to feedforward

Crucial conversations

The agile mindset

Virtual collaboration

Es geht nicht darum, jeden Monat einen Sprint zu besuchen, es geht darum, bewusst ein paar im Jahr zu wählen, die für die eigene Entwicklung besonders relevant sind.

We are constantly working on new topics. Please, contact us regarding your needs.

The Digital Mentor.

The nudge-principle:
Short impulses for big impact.

The Digital Mentor is all about learning through conversation. The mentor inspires curiosity, shares new perspectives and ideas, and encourages reflection. Because that's how we learn: Step by step.

Our Partners.  

Transformation- and coaching-expertise with heart and soul. 

All our expert partners have one thing in common: They understand digitalisation as a chance for the future of work. In their daily work they all support companies and leaders in putting people in the center of transformation.

Alain van Gils

Prof. Dr. Verena Wölkhammer

...and many more

Die Community.

Engagement und Austausch. 

In addition to the digital mentor, the community is the other important aspect to make sure we create sustainable learning results.
Here, we accompany awareness, accountability and the topic sprints.

Frequently asked questions.  

Everything you want to know. 

What leadership model is this based on?

The basis for the Leadership Journey is the Leadership Compass. This is a development model that covers all the important areas of modern leadership. It is not a psychometric test, but a reflection- and analysis-tool for learners. It is used both in the Discovery Sprint and to categorise the topic sprints to be selected thereafter.

How do you define leadership?

We no longer think it is appropriate to define leadership as a formal role. For us, leadership is about 'wanting to have an impact'. Leadership can certainly happen unconsciously - in fact, you are a leader whenever you try to influence something - but leadership is never without direction. For us, leadership means taking responsibility for shaping things. And thus leadership concerns us all.

What is a sprint?

Sprints are the standard format of the Leadership Journey. They last 28 days and focus on one or a few specific aspects. Sprints consist of short, interactive workshops, interaction in the digital community, and daily impulses provided by the digital mentor.
The sprints are designed by and with our expert partners focusing on the idea: "How can we design the 28 days to have the greatest possible impact?" We don't design them around lectures, but bearing in mind how to integrate the new, self-generated insights into one's own life in a sustainable way. So that by the end of the sprint they have become part of your personality.

What if I can't take part in all workshops?

No problem! We always make the core aspects of any workshop available as a video. Of course, you will then miss the live exchange with the other participants, but you can still stay tuned and continue.

How much time do I have to invest in a sprint?

The sprints include 4-6 hours of live workshop time spread over the four weeks. You should also plan 10 minutes each day to work on the sparks. In total, you will spend 11-13 hours on the topic. Don't get scared: everyone has 10 minutes a day! In the morning with your coffee, in the short break in between or after dinner... You can set the time in the app when you want to receive your reminder. Easy!

What about data privacy?

This is enormously important to us! We collect very little personal data (name and email) and do not create any individualized reports. That means we can't tell who learns what, when, and how. To improve our app, we do analyse user data, but always anonymised and evaluated by groups. For more information, feel free to read more here.

How much does the Leadership Journey cost?

The first official group will start on April 28th. Participation is open to companies with a minimum of five participants. The participation fee for the first group is €799 per person.
The next group will start in July, the first English group in September. From then on, the participation fee will be €999.

What are the dates?

We have not yet published any dates other than the start date for the first group. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

Who is the it for?

The Leadership Journey is aimed at all managers and talents who have the desire and interest to develop themselves further.

Zukunfts-Gestalter gesucht?!

Ermächtigt Eure Führungskräfte,
Ko-Kreatoren der Zukunft zu werden.

Zukunfts-Gestalter gesucht?!

Ermächtigt Eure Führungskräfte,
Ko-Kreatoren der Zukunft zu werden.

How well are you set up for the future?

Only 15% of all HR Directors believe that their Leadership Development has what it takes to meet the challenges of the future.
How many think it's super important?

Question is - “How fit is your environment for producing the type of leaders that can grow your business
and make it a success?”
Find out in under 8 minutes, by taking the Leadership Benchmark Test and receive a personalised report with vision critical steps to developing a future leader culture now.

The new way: Leadership-Development-as-a-service.  

Give every single one of your leaders exactly what they need. 
For the price of a cup of coffee per day. 

As experienced organisational psychologists, coaches and lifelong learners, we understand what it takes to build communities of inspired future shapers, by turning reflection into resilience, ideas into impact and values into a strong, magnetic culture.


Empower your leaders to take charge of their own learning.


Smart text about personalisation and why that's important


No use if it's not engaging. We are not a selfservice subscription no one is using. 


And finally why life-long learning is o-so-important

Click here if you don't think that self-directed learning can work in your current culture.

Your leaders will love it.  

1000’s of future leaders from around the world are surfing change, taking charge and making an impact with Intao every day

What’s the biggest organisational problem for L&D teams? Massive, expensive programmes with no self-commitment and no follow-through to confidently produce results. Intao solves that.  

Brit Neuburger, 
Head of Transformation

This isn’t the same methods presented to HR and people development with some new buzzword titles, this is a way of people collaborating to do things in a better way for our future. 

Lucia Mathée, 
Investor Relations Specialist

Even when I was sick I showed up. I could take part in the session, at home, alongside the nudges and with the community I really like being a part of it.

Before Intao, I would never thought it was possible to create such a strong bond, virtually,  with people I didn’t know. It was magic.

Dr. Nicole Behringer, 
Organisational Psychologist
Daimler Mobility AG

What’s the biggest organisational problem for L&D teams? Massive, expensive programmes with no self-commitment and no follow-through to confidently produce results. Intao solves that. 

Angelika Goll, 
Board-Level Strategic Advisor

Our Technology: The Digital Mentor.  

Designed for maximum impact.

The Digital Mentor is all about learning through conversation. The mentor inspires curiosity, shares new perspectives and ideas, and encourages reflection. Because that's how we learn: Step by step.

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