Leadership Development Round-table: 

a workshop on shaping empowered cultures
and growing great companies

You dream of building a great company. Of playing your important part in shaping it. You want to build a culture so magnetic that industry magazines write about it, your people love belonging to it and the best talent wants to be a part of it.

It doesn’t need to be as difficult as all the consultants make out.

How often do you and your leadership think about these challenges? 

  • You have an inspiring vision, but engagement doesn’t match it.
  • There are incredible opportunities within the company, but people don’t pursue them or create those opportunities without being prompted or guided.
  • Everyone is working so hard, but you wish people would ‘own’ their area of work, grow it and solve the challenges that come with it.
  • The company is growing, but attracting the right talent is tough.
  • You would love and believe the company can provide a platform for people to develop and succeed, but you don’t have the time and resources to commit and invest when there is so much to do today.

In this invite-only experience for people-centric CEOs and energised HR Directors, you will receive new ideas and concrete suggestions on how to create magnetic engagement, develop your future leaders and build an environment fit for growth. 

Together, we will reflect and discuss what it takes to successfully develop a culture of self-responsibility and high performance.

This practical session will be facilitated by, CEO and Organisational Psychologist,
Kathrin Kroenig.

90 minutes | Max. 20 participants | Experience from 10 companies

Register your seat here:

March 2308:30 a.m. CETIn English 

March 2408:30 a.m. CETIn German 

March 3008:30 a.m. CESTIn German