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Removing the enemies of learning.

Lab with Alain van Gils.

The key to improving work and life is simple: All you've got to do is change. That’s always the way. No change there.

Now, if only it was that simple. As we all know, it's not. So how do you change yourself? How do you change circumstances and situations? How do you get the results you want?

Doing more of what you already know how to do is going to produce more of what you already have. You need to learn to do things differently, because you can't change if you don't learn and you can't learn if you don't change. "Okay, great, how do I do that?" you ask. The challenge that we face as we look to change our work environments and ourselves is that most people don’t really understand how human beings learn which is not only essential knowledge for you, it's also an essential ingredient in preparing and leading your people.

In this Lab therefore, we'll look at the three stages of learning and explore the notion of 'embodied competence', and we'll meet our enemies of learning and discover how to overcome them.

  • Two weeks to learn about and remove what keeps you from being the best version of yourself
  • An interactive workshop and a Q&A session
  • A daily impulse via the Intao App

    Next Lab:
    February 5, 2024|01:00 pm CETin German

About Alain

Alain has been working as an executive-coach and leadership trainer in international corporations for the past 20 years. As co-founder of Intao, he is responsible for our enterprise projects where Intao contributes to more sustainability in large change projects. In his spare time he’s an artist and avid golfer.

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Start Lab: February 5|01:00 pm CET|in German


  • Workshop:
    February 5, 2024|01:00 - 04:00 pm CET
  • Follow-up: 
    February 19, 2024|01:00 - 02:00 pm CET

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