People make the company. Soft skills make the people.

Intao is a mobile app designed for the development of soft skills and mindset. Our app delivers individualised daily learning created by coaches and trainers.

Soft skills for all!

Every employee plays a role beyond their technical abilities and job specific skills. We’re talking about curiosity, creativity, innovation and awareness. Communication, collaboration, team building and leadership. We’re talking about mindset and soft skills because a company’s success comes down to how their people ‘show up’. That’s what has the biggest impact on the bottom line.

Soft skills learning provided to all employees delivers a 250% return on investment based on higher collective productivity and a 12% increase in retention. Boston College, Harvard & Michigan State Universities – 2017.

Soft skills training, however, doesn’t achieve sustainable learning results. Three months later more than  80% is entirely lost and less than 10% is ever applied. The results and returns, for everyone, are  disappointing.

Intao solves the challenges of delivering individual learning, maintaining long-term engagement and achieving sustainable results with a coaching app and content library designed specifically for continuous personal development.

Start today.

Low cost and nothing to implement.

Coaching made affordable.

Intao is almost like having your own real coach. The experience is personal and engaging, the results outstanding, and the cost is very, very low. Well … we did say ‘almost’ like coaching.

There are three ways (either independently or together) to use Intao:

1. Fill the empty space where no trainings exist and give all employees the opportunity to continuously learn, grow and develop.

2. Support the transfer, integration and application of learning following trainings, workshops and seminars and fill the post-training void!

3. Create a thread to keep the on-going conversations around change, culture and digital transformation initiatives alive.

Continual development for each and every one of your employees.

From one-off trainings and events to ongoing learning processes.

One app for personal, professional and organisational growth.

Industry high adoption and retention improves learning culture.

A sustainable solution for sustainable results and measurable ROI.

Good or bad. Like it or not.

 Your learning culture already exists. As your company continually evolves your people must do the same. That comes down to culture. Intao helps organisations establish, strengthen or even re-invent company culture and the culture of learning.  Here’s how we assist you to do that:

Soft skills for all

‘One learning a day’ for continuous professional  and personal development.

Low cost, no implementation required. Start immediately!
Simply subscribe.

Trainings but better

If nothing happens afterwards, nothing changes. Fill the void.

Create follow-on learning to integrate and apply internal and/or external trainings. Or have us deliver your trainings.

Keep initiatives alive

Maintaining momentum is essential for transformation and change initiatives to work.

Intao is the thread that keeps the conversation going. We can assist or do everything.

It’s not just an app! 

Intao is also a software as a service (SaaS) solution.

Create your own courses and initiatives using our platform and invite your people.
Obviously, with full support.

A better learning culture.

Soft skills and hard results.

Meaningful conversations

The best learning still happens in conversations. Intao’s virtual coaching conversations impart new information to give greater context and create fresh perspectives. Intao allows you to explore different ideas and importantly, follow your own train of thought.

The mobile app uses an enjoyable coaching approach to raise a topic from our library (developed by our extensive network of coaches and trainers) and you choose the flow of the conversation.

Embedded articles, videos and exercises relate specifically to your learning path, and friendly nudges help you to stay on it. Push (and pull) your learning to new heights.

One learning a day

One, 2 – 10 minute learning a day, that’s it! Sometimes it’s an article and exercise. Or a reflection, coaching question, video. Maybe a hint, tip, or hack, or an inspiring quote. Half the fun is being surprised.

Choose your own topics

It’s not only professional and company-centric learning. It’s also your own personal development. What interests you? Where do you want to grow and improve? Choose that topic or those topics!

Pick your own path

Each conversation lets you choose your learning direction. That’s how coaching works as well. The coach proposes a subject and you decide where to take it. Because you know best what you need to learn.

Personal transformation

Intao helps you explore different ideas, thoughts and perspectives, and supports you in making the shifts and  behavioural changes you want to make… and the coach makes sure you keep at it!

Calling all training and coaching companies…
Keep your learning alive!

Intao is not just an app. It’s also a SaaS that you can use yourself to digitise your own materials. Now you can assists participants in the transfer and integration of your learning and importantly, fill the post-training void and make your learning sustainable.

“Learning is not the filling of a pot, but the lighting of a fire.”

– W.B. Yeats (although Socrates said it first.)

In your work, you start conversations. Now you can continue those conversations, to maintain the energy you created and keep your learning alive. Support your programmes with a digital follow-on or create stand-alone versions to give your clients an effective way of reaching many more of their employees with your wisdom.

Stand out

Differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s time to embrace digital.

Scale your company

Create digital-only programs and add revenue streams.

Full support

We help with the software, marketing and a conversion service.

Add value

Sustainable results for participants means a better ROI for clients.

SaaS & App

Easily create and deliver your own conversations and learning materials.


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You ignite learning...

now fan the flame!

Time to make learning stick!

A training or kick-off event creates great energy and good intentions. But unless there’s ongoing support, to integrate learning and engage participants continuously, motivation nosedives very quickly.

And no! Email campaigns, Sharepoints and Wikis don’t engage, and one-size-fits-all e-learning and LMSs aren’t designed for soft skills.

This kind of learning is personal. It goes beyond formulaic, rational and logical thinking. It’s emotional and individual. This kind of learning is a process, a journey, and a lifelong one at that.

And that requires constant attention, practice and awareness, which is where Intao comes in. Our virtual coach supports these gradual shifts in attitude and mindset by providing new perspectives to generate inner realisations.

That’s when suddenly, something goes click! And that’s what makes the learning stick! 

That’s how people really learn and grow, and that’s what results in, well… sustainable results.

We are Intao

We practice what we teach.

We’ve been coaching for more than 16 years. We love what we do. Now we’ve founded a tech company, but it’s not about the tech, it’s about human beings and, more to the point, ‘being human’. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to continuously learn, develop, grow and truly ‘show up’ in life and work. We share a vision to assist everyone in unleashing their inner wisdom. Humanity 5.0, that’s what Intao is designed to nurture and support.