Remote Leadership.
Leading from a distance.

With Simon Deeley

October 1st 2020 | 11:00-12:30 am|in English

Leading a virtual team is just like leading a co-located team. Except for one thing: All aspects of teamwork have to be considered intentionally. Simon Deeley points out the most crucial aspects and provides practical tips. 

About Simon Deeley

Simon's focus is using high-quality remote team-working to open up the path to more balanced and fulfilled lives, abundant with meaningful, trusting relationships.  
On that foundation, teams and organisations can build outstanding levels of performance.

Introductory price €29

Our Masterclasses are a blended learning concept. We combine the best from two worlds: Live, interactive Masterclasses accompanied with a series of nudges via our Digital Mentor. Turning learning from an event into a process.
Our Masterclasses can be booked as single events or as part of the Leadership Journey.

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