New technologies
and the future of work.

With Dorothee Toereki.

December 8th, 2020 | 1:30-3:00 pm| in German

New technologies are the biggest driver for the changes in our work environment. They are changing the rules of the system as we know it. In this masterclass, we look at the influence Cloudservices, APIs, AI and Blockchain have on our reality.

About Dorothee Toereki

Dorothee is all about creating awareness of the effects of digitalisation on companies, the administration and society. In the past, she worked on that as Digital Advisor for IBM and Director of Digitisation for the Boysen Group.
Today, she is a keynote speaker, lecturer and facilitator.

Introductory price €29

Our Masterclasses are a blended learning concept. We combine the best from two worlds: Live, interactive Masterclasses accompanied with a series of nudges via our Digital Mentor. Turning learning from an event into a process.
Our Masterclasses can be booked as single events or as part of the Leadership Journey.

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