Mental Fitness.
Your mental workout

for performance and happiness.

Lab with Ruth Maier-Hamberger.

Only about 20% of teams and individuals live their full potential, claims Shirzad Chamine (Stanford professor and bestselling author). We tend to get caught up in unhelpful thinking patterns – sometimes without even realizing it: Our mind acts as our critic, rather than as our friend.

Mental fitness allows us to change the game. The “Mental fitness” Lab is designed to strengthen your ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. Rigorous research has shown this to be the key to a significant increase in performance – and happiness.

You will be introduced to straightforward and pragmatic means to intercept your inner saboteurs, strengthen your ability for self-command and tap into your true wisdom.

Your Benefit

  • Find out, how mental fitness drives performance and happiness
  • Discover your sabotaging thinking patterns
  •  Learn how to intercept your saboteurs
  •  Practice how to train your self-command muscle, allowing you to exit sabotaging thought patterns and rebalance on the spot
  • Discover the “sage” in you and how to access your sage powers
  • Take away pragmatic exercises for your mental fitness work-out, that you can practice anywhere and anytime.

The Content

  • Definition of mental fitness
  • Benefits of mental fitness
  • Introduction to 10 key saboteurs, including identification of your own saboteurs
  • Introduction to mental fitness operating system
  • Application of pragmatic, yet impactful mental fitness exercises
  • Introduction to the sage perspective, application to a concrete challenge you currently face

The Process

Labs run two weeks. The preparation video is followed by a three-hour workshop where we interactively practice the core aspects. Afterwards, you will receive Sparks over two weeks to integrate what you have learned. At the end, you have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences and clarify any final questions in a follow-up session.

About Ruth

My name is Ruth Maier-Hamberger. I am co-founder of YOS. YOS is an acronym, standing for "Your Own Strength" – and at the same time means well-being, health, happiness. This is my passion: To accompany people on their way, to find their own strength, exploit their potential, shape their lives and careers. As a partner in dolphinblue, I work with leaders in companies to drive their personal as well as organizational development topics. 18 years ago, I embarked on my mindfulness and meditation journey. I am a systemic coach, mental trainer and meditation teacher.

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Start Lab: January 18, 2023|01:00 pm CET|in English


  • Workshop:
    January 18, 2023|01:00-04:00 pm CET
  • Follow-up:
    February 1, 2023|01:00-02:00 pm CET

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