Martin Pröstler.

I am Martin Pröstler, psychoanalyst, organisational consultant and coach.

People are the focus of my work. I pay special attention to the balance of needs, personal values and the demands of the environment.

As an organisational psychologist, it is important to me that my actions in counselling and coaching rest on a sound knowledge base. I like to translate current findings from psychology into the concrete everyday professional life of my clients. Together we look for new possibilities in seemingly deadlocked situations and develop solutions that offer real added value.

In my practice for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, I work every day with people who are in a personal crisis. In my work I often experience that structures in organisations and companies can also lead to mental disorders. I want to contribute to people being able to work in an appreciative and supportive climate. I find it very important that our curiosity and creativity remain intact.

As a passionate mountaineer, I know that sometimes a mountain seems too high, a mountain top too far away. Sometimes you just want to throw your backpack in the grass and give up. But it's worth it: if you continue step by step at your own pace, wonderful views and surprising experiences open up.

For the Leadership Journey Martin has designed the lab 'Focus, Focus, Focus'.

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