Leadership Roundtable

By invitation only.

Leadership Roundtable:

What is required to empower your leaders, shape a learning culture and grow a great organisation?

Leaders are the key players in creating a high-performance learning culture where employees enjoy and are engaged in their own development.

How do we get leaders to consciously become the co-creators of a strong organisation?

In this exclusive roundtable for innovative CEOs and HR managers, you will receive new ideas and concrete suggestions on how to unleash the potential of your leaders and make your organisation fit for the future. Reflect in a select circle on what it takes to successfully develop a culture of self-responsibility and how leaders can be supported in doing so.

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In this invitation-only event, you will find out how you can develop your future leaders and create a growth-oriented environment.

Together we will reflect on and discuss how leadership development needs to be designed to create a culture of ownership and engagement.

This practical session will be facilitated by
CEO and Organisational Psychologist Kathrin Kroenig.

90 minutes|20 participants (Max.)

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July 21|10:30 a.m. CESTIn English

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